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Alex Turnquist Memorial Research Grants

SDA awards Alex Turnquist Memorial Research grants up to $10,000.  Grant proposals are accepted throughout the year.  We do not have a grant request form. 

SDA requires that the grant proposal be in writing and include the following: 
  1. Name of Applicant, Principal investigator, project title and summary of proposed investigation (include specific aims, significance and background, any preliminary studies…)
  2. A detailed description of your hypothesis/hypotheses and proposed methodologies
  3. Relevance of the research to Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome
  4. Biographical information on the principal investigator and co-principal investigator, if relevant
  5. A detailed budget sheet (grants are available up to $10,000)
  6. Statement of facilities available
  7. A starting date for the project
General Conditions for the Awarding of Alex Turnquist Memorial Research Grants: 
  1. The board wishes to receive periodic progress reports.  They need not be lengthy.  These reports will help Shwachman-Diamond America give updates to our donors, allow evaluation of progress by our medical advisor and assist SDA in future fundraising efforts.
  2. Any publications distributed as a result of your research should give proper reference to Shwachman-Diamond America.  

You can submit a grant proposal by emailing the Word or PDF file to Shwachman-Diamond America  or  via regular mail:

Shwachman-Diamond America                                                                                                                 931-B South Main St. #332                                                                                                                   Kernersville, NC 27284

Alex Turnquist