Genetic Testing

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SDS Genetic Testing

SBDS genetic testing is currently available in two labs in the United States. 

The Ambry Test is a full gene sequence analysis of the SBDS gene. 

FAQ: What is the turnaround time for the Ambry Test: SDS?

Results are reported in 10-21 days

FAQ:  Turn-Around Time:

 Mutation detection in a new patient Approx. 6 weeks

 Testing of a relative for one specific mutation*  3-4 weeks

Testing of a relative for two specific mutations*=  3-4 weeks

Prenatal diagnosis for specific known mutations* Approx. 2 weeks

SBDS Testing outside the United States:

FAQ:  The average turnaround time

  • approximately 2 weeks for rush/stat cases
  • approximately 4 weeks for routine cases